Shosuke Haraguchi
President of TCP
Professor of Meikai University
Professor Emeritus of the University of Tsukuba

I am very honored to address a few words to the present and prospective members. TCP started its activities as the Tsukuba Circle of Phonologists in 1988. The circle's original purpose was to provide a forum for semi-formal discussions and a chance to exchange possible dissertation topics. The meetings were held once a month with the exception of the long summer and winter vacations. The activities gradually expanded as time went on and the members filled senior academic positions all over Japan.

The monthly meetings were held at the University of Tsukuba even after I moved to Meikai University in 2000. However, meetings have gradually shifted to Tokyo for various reasons. Thus the name TCP is now understood to mean Tokyo Circle of Phonologists. At the beginning of this year, we decided that now is a good time to officially change the name from the Tsukuba Circle of Phonologists to the Tokyo Circle of Phonologists. We have decided to change this circle from a semi-formal circle to a formal academic society of phonological studies, keeping the name as it is. The headquarters of the society have been moved to the Komaba Campus of the University of Tokyo for the time being. Part of our society's activities are now incorporated into one of the COE programs of the University of Tokyo. From now on, our activities will help young phonologists, especially in the Kanto area or Eastern Japan, advance their scientific study of linguistic phonology.]

This society is open to all those who are interested in phonology. We gladly welcome whoever wants to join us and is willing to promote the study of phonological science. Please contact the secretariat if you're interested in our agenda. Our common wish is to contribute to the advancement of phonology by fostering research projects of high quality, and ultimately to burnish our reputation as the Tokyo school of phonologists. We are fortunate in that a large number of our present members are on the faculties of leading universities in the Kanto area.

Let's work together to make our activities much more active and fruitful and to realize our wish in a few years. Now, at the beginning of this century, we will foster our society to serve as a gateway of the East to phonological studies. We will also organize an international conference or series of conferences on phonology in Tokyo. Remember that the only and/or the best way to open a new dimension is for us to do research of high quality. Let's unite in our efforts to develop our productive and prosperous future!

At Tsuchiura, 5th May, 2004