TCP aims to develop research and education in phonology in the Kanto region and throughout Japan through monthly meetings and activities. Access is available to any who are interested in phonology, from experienced researchers and graduates to undergraduates. Although all who attend have a phonological interest in common, many members have varied experiences, which we believe makes it possible for us to cultivate a better understanding of phonology through multilateral viewpoints, and surely contributes to the growth of the study of phonology as a whole.

The center of our interest is to discuss the wide range of phonological phenomena including phonetic and cognitive sciences. Students masy also have a chance to present their research at the meetings. There is no restriction on language or approach in research and therefore can include theoretical, experimental and descriptive analyses of any language of your choosing.

Since TCP's fortunate incorporation into the 21 st Century COE Program of the University of Tokyo in April of 2004, we expect the society to extend its activities and become a valuable resource for the future of phonological studises.